Help Required For Create!Form


Hi Experts,

I'm new to Create!Form.

We need to configure the setup for the create Form and XE, in non prod.

We have done same setup as production. And individually, each module is working. But when sent from JDE, the print queue CStream doesn't prints:

Job gets into Error as "Error -Paused -Restarting- sent to printer "

Also, in cstream log, it says :
"06/13/16 09:08:23,00000014,2109,MergeEngine(EUCF02) ,Merge Project Copy succeeded
06/13/16 09:08:23,00000015,2116,MergeEngine(EUCF02) ,Merge succeeded
06/13/16 09:08:23,00000003,2002,CStream,Sent merged document to printer OK
06/13/16 09:08:23,00000004,3012,CStream,Job 'R5537460H_M0001_173170.pdf' completed (id 36) 5;28;49;2;"

But no printing, no emails.

Please help in defining the setup .

Thanks & Regards,


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