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We have installed Websphere 3.5 running on the AS400. We have installed JAS SP14.1 as well. According to the instructions, the jas.ini file is suppossed to be located on the IFS directory on the AS400 under:


It does not work there. In order for the jas.ini file to be processed it needed to be moved to:


We have opened a call with JDE, tripled checked all the entries in the install manual for the WebSphere setup. JDE said it might be a Websphere issue or fixed with SP14.2. Has anyone encountered this?

AS400 V4R5
CO on NT
Xe SP14.1
JAS 14.1
WebSphere 3.5 on AS400



XE JAS for WebSphere 3.5 is supported after SP14.2. Not SP14.1. I recommend you
to use SP15, which enables Spreadsheet Import/Export as well as Short-cut keys.

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