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Help needed in ERP research


Following is the questionnaire that I have developed to evaluate my research on ERP and Application Service Providers.The question is whether it is feasible to host ERP software as an ASP service.PLease reply as soon as possible.Thanks for your co-operation.You can complete and email me at hammadafridi@yahoo.com.


The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect information in order to evaluate ERP service as a hosted application on the internet; your answers will be strictly confidential.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

1. Please state your base country:
• UK
• Australia
• Germany
• Canada
• China
• India
• France
• Japan
• Other Please specify:______________

2. Please state your industry type:
• Software expert/consultant
• ERP vendor
• ASP platform vendor
• End user

3. Please specify the name of your organization:


4. Please describe the size of your organization:
• Large
• Medium
• Small

5. Do you currently supply or receive ERP ASP services?
• Receive
• Supply
• Plan to receive
• Plan to supply
• Non of the above

6. In general, do you think that implementing ERP as an hosted application on the internet is a good idea?
• Yes
• No

7. In what ways do you think an ERP as an ASP service will benefit:
(a) the user
• Cost savings
• Reduced cost of ownership
• Ease of maintenance
• Flexibility
• Other Please specify: ______________

(b) The ASP company
• costs
• flexibility
• ease of support
• expand to new markets
• other Please specify: ______________

8. What ERP modules are most suitable for implemented as an ASP service?
• Financials
• Operations and logistics
• Production and manufacturing
• Human resources
• Sales and distribution
• Research and development
• Other
• Please specify: ______________

9a. Do you think that your company will be happy to disclose important data to the third party i.e. ASP (Please give this reply if you are user of ERP software)
• Yes
• No

9b. What are the main technical problems you foresee in an ERP as ASP service scenario?
• Integration with existing systems
• Integration with other applications (i.e. Internet/Web based portals)
• Integration with new business software (i.e. SCM, CRM, e-commerce applications,etc)
• Customization
• Security
• Other, Please specify: ______________

10. Please specify, which of the following ASP components do you think might not scale to your ERP requirements when used as a service?
• hardware requirement
• software requirement
• network requirement
• data storage requirement

11. If you are using ERP as a service do you think that you will need customization in ERP or would you be happy to use your business processes according to the ERP implementation. Please give your opinion:

12. Which of the following pricing model do you think is suitable for ERP as a service?
• Flat/flat
• Flat/Tiered
• Variable/Tiered
• Per Click

13. Do you think that ASP Application Aggregators (AAA) model of ASP is suitable for ERP service, (AAAs is a model in which there is one interface and on the back end there are more than one software providers.)
• Yes
• No