Help create a CSV via BI-Publisher


Hi there,
i've been asked to use Bi-Publisher to generate CSV. I've tried to create the RD and the Template for eText but i haven't menaged to get a CSV file generated.
Does anybody have an idea?

Thanks for all!



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True but BI publisher has some advantages over the original CSV option - most useful is configuring automatic delivery either to e-mail or a shared folder. Also, you can setup RD by version without having to do a spec override on your UBE to make it go CSV automatically. With legacy CSV output you have to carefully align all your columns on a 52pt horizontal grid layout whereas BIP doesn't care about or use your RDA layout at all.

We've used eText for CSV - I don't have the how-to at hand but I've certainly found good pointers with google. Your template is basically a list of columns, the column delimiters and the line delimiters, all in an RTF template.

The downside is that building the eText template is a bit of work if there are many columns.

Edit: There is a Oracle KG article with sample template - see Doc ID 836643.1
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