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Hi List,
We have a deployment server that is mapped to a AS/400 enterprise server.
The problem is we are wanting to use another AS/400 instead of the original
one, Is there a way you can map the deployment server to another AS/400
enterprise server without doing a re-load. Has anyone done this before, If
so can you give me some insight on what it takes and maybe some
documentation on how you did it.

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David Robertson

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You need to set up the new machine, and then switch all the OCM over. Lot's of SQL between the system tables.
I've done this a couple of times. It's a bit fiddly.
Sorry, I don't have any documentation with me, and I haven't been working in CNC for a while. I hope someone else can offer you more help



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I think there is a doc on the knowledge garden on changing out an enterprise server. (It might be for changing out the deployment server...if so, I'm sorry.)

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