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I need the sales orders that are held with C1 near real time.

I am having an external application that has to check if an order is held. F4209 cannot help me because the time field is being filled in when someone releases the order.

Then i have 2 options i have thgouht of: F4201 and F98860

From F4201 i could get the time of record updated but i dont think it is 100% safe

F98860: i could check there for any new record based on start or end time field. Then i would get the PIISTKEY , and get the sales order , and then the rest would be easy...

Any other opinions?
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JDE Table trigger or DBMS table trigger that writes to a custom table when 'X' condition occurs (in your case when a order is placed on hold).
Very nice proposal. I would prefer thought not touching standard tables for this. And also not having to write to db....
Hi Larry,
Just for a thought...
In your opinion, what is the best way to do such cases ? Is it good to modify standard table ? If so, for newer JDE updates, will it make issues ?
In addition to the non-standard table mod i am thinking of:

  • Schedule a simple SSIS package to check and update any custom table
  • The above can be done also with powershell
  • Create Stored procedure and do it form our BI (COGNOS)
Writing a database table trigger is both simple to do and in this case would not modify a standard table in any way (or even involve mods to any JDE object).
You want to know when a SO goes into hold mode.

Put a After Update trigger on the table, compare the old and new values on the field in question, if different write a entry to a net new custom table that can be polled by your external application.

Trying to use a reporting solution based upon time updated when you don't know if the field in question has changed is a questionable approach in my opinion.
How are the SOs held?
With an 860 EDI signal?
Set manually by a user?
Set automatically on entry using Workflow and credit limits etc?