Held Inventory for Customer


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One of my end-users passed an idea past me today. We have a customer that we hold inventory for after it has been Shipped Confirmed and Invoiced. It is officially off the books.

Currently, that inventory is tracked with a spreadsheet. They want the capability to have a location on JDE to hold the inventory at zero cost.

We use Standard Cost for Production and Weighted average for out Distribution Center which is what this location is and the Cost Level is 2 (Branch Plant) If I remember right, you cannot override cost for a location within a branch.

Am I correct and have to set up a separate Branch Plant for that Inventory at Zero Cost, or can we use their current Branch Plant?

Any ideas are appreciated.


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What release are you on? Outbound Inventory Management can handle this process. Out of curiosity, why would there be zero cost associated with storing product that the company is holding?