Health Check for a JDE System


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I need to audit a JDE instance (EOne 9.1 running on Tools 9.1) for optimized performance and also review its security/activity rules. Is there a best practice guideline that could be followed to come with a strategy for optimized performance (like kernel tuning best practices etc for performance optimization, preventive maintenance practices, security and compliance best practices).
I understand the question is a little generic; but any directions on how to proceed would be really helpful.



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As mentioned on another thread recently, I (and other consultants) do an independent Technical Audit which many, many companies have utilized for this - it covers everything from CNC methodology, SDLC, performance, security and other aspects of your technical implementation. I charge $10,000 for this - and you get a 40-50 page deliverable that provides incredibly detailed recommendations for your E1 instance.