Hard/Soft Commit & Credit Check


Hi there,

I'm new to Distribution & would appreciate some help.

Can someone can tell me more about Hard Commit & Soft Commit.

What does it mean whether a Sales order is Hard Commit or Soft Commit? What
are the implications?

On the Credit Check pgm, the orders displayed on the screen - have all these
orders gone through credit checking?

Assume I were to enter a quote order that does not require checking, would
the quote order also appear on the credit checking screen?

Thank you for the anticipated help!


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The simple answer is--
Hard Commit means you actually take the qty. out of Inventory. That is when you want to effect the "Cardex" file (f4111) and GL.

Soft commit does not effect the Available Qty. or GL.

The Companies I have seen have " Soft committed " at sales order time, and then " Hard committed " at either Pack Confirm or Ship Confirm.

Of course there could be a more detailed example but that should show you the basic idea.

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC.
WorldSoftware Version 8.1.2 AS/400 V4R4 (soon to be V4R5)
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Gosh...where to start..

I'll just start with a basic hard commit/soft commit:

Hard commits on a sales order occur when they are committed to a location.
If you're using World, in the fold of a sales line, the location field is
filled for a hard commit. On a soft commit, there is no location, but you
have "committed" one of these items for the order.

The different types of commits can be seen clearly in your Summary
Availability screens using your fold.

You can control what type of commits you use in your processing options for
the P4211 and you can further control them commits with other programs
further down the line like the Pick/Pack and Ship Confirm.

It all depends how you want to allocate inventory. If you are the actual
client, then you need to talk to your inventory management and accounting
people, they probably already have a good idea of how they want this to
work. If you are a consultant, again, the right people proabably already
have a good idea of how to work this. There are TONS of special options and
ways to configure this type of processing so, look through the processing
options of the programs you're using. I suggest you look through them as
they would be used. In other words, if you're using the P4211 to enter
orders and then the Pick program and then the Pack and then the Ship
Confirm, well, print out the options and go through them to see how the
hand-offs occur.

Hope this helps.

Annamaria Evangelista-France
The Gadget Group, Inc
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