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Happy Birthday JDELIST

Re: Hsppy Birthday JDELIST

Proving again that a person with an idea can make a difference, and a person with the RIGHT idea can change the world.

Thanks, Eric, from a legion of JD Edwards users.

Happy Birthday, indeed.
Re: Hsppy Birthday JDELIST

Thank's Eric, thank's all members and congratulations to everyone. Hope we could celebrate hundred more birthdates

Excuse me this OFF Topic post, please.

I just would like to say "Happy Birthday" for or all of us.
(...or for most of us?)

Just a question:
Is the Birth Day the start of the original mailing list, orginized by Tony St.Pierre (from New Zeeland) in the ancient time?

At last, but not least...

Bunch of thanks to the staff of JDEList, including Administrators, Moderators, Eric and all Anonymous girls and guys, who make this great site working. THANKS.




JDELIST was created before Tony's started his list. The date is based on the oldest internet message referring to JDELIST that I could find.
Thank you JDEPeople who had this JDEIdea to give JDELife to JDEList, and keep the JDEFire alive for another 99 JDEYears!
Let the JDEWorlds know about the JDEnterprises, and JDEnjoy JDEPeace, and JDEProsperity.

If it's not too big of a problem, can we see THE oldest message referring to JDELIST?

Thank you,


Looks like JDELIST's birthday was September 10, 1997. I found an older advertisement.


JDE Mailing List
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Eric Kempter
Sep 10 1997, 11:00 pm show options
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From: Eric Kempter <ekemp...@ibm.net> - Find messages by this author
Date: 1997/09/11
Subject: JDE Mailing List
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Welcome to the JDELIST Mailing list.

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The topic of this mailing list is J.D. Edwards application software.
This includes discussions regarding any module/application/software
that is supported and/or used by J.D. Edwards application software.
Guidelines are posted monthly.

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Well, Happy belated B-Day to the list:) It is a great resource so keep it going! Thanks.