Hanging Up after selecting update package


Hi list,

We are trying to deploy update packages to a workstation but once the user
clicks on the "Select" buttom to select the package OneWorld hangs up. It
doesn't even call the setup.exe. There are no logs, no message. We have
re-installed this workstation with a full package, checked the jde.ini but
everything seems to be ok comparing to workstations that CAN receive these
update packages.
Any idea?

Thanks a lot.
When at the scheduled package form, have you double clicked the box to the
left of package name to bring up the tick?
You could make the package mandatory for this client. That'll put the tick
in for you.
Approve the package, and install it on that client by running setup.exe from
the oneworld client install folder.
Are you sure your users are double-clicking ont the gray box to the left of
the package name and getting a checkmark and then clicking on Select?

XE SP15.1, HP_UX, Oracle 8i

XE, SP15.1, HP-UX, Oracle 8.1.6