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Handling Joint Checks


Managing hundreds of residential construction builds with numerous GC/Subcontractor relationships --
so, as a result we have a lot of joint checks each week to process. So, I'm writing because the posts for this topic are VERY old and I am curious if anyone has come up with a simpler way to handle Joint Checks. As the process was stated in older posts - my client currently uses unique address book listings for related companies - who must be paid via Joint Checks (names on checks, everyone signs - manually. After many years and various protocols in building AB entries, this has become an arduous process - and one that is VERY hard to train new staff to support. Has anyone been able to develop a less manual solution for Joint Checks - perhaps using the "Joint Venture" module features (just for payments), perhaps using Parent/Child feature (for check printing) or just figured out a better way to use the limited functionality of AB (related addresses - even with this, the abbreviations are hard to keep up with; may be able to use the Project Name/Number in the Naming convention, but print only Related Addresses - possible?).

Given that JDE is so construction/real estate development heavy (or it was pre-Oracle purchase), why is it that the Joint Check process has not been better automated? I hope it has happened, and since I've been away for a while, I just do not know of the new "best practice way" to handle this. The client implemented JDE years ago and have not updated system or process much in the last 8 years, so would love to hear how others are handling this today as we embark on improvements. sharing of screen shots or transaction diagrams would be ok too.