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Hi guys,

I often write things down as I learn new stuff and I've done the same with BSSVs.
This is a doc I'd like to share on exposing and consuming an E1 NER externally via BSSVs. (my own notes)

I know there are many docs out there and the JDeveloper tool does do a pretty job at getting us 80% there. This meant to be condensed for my own sanity and just highlights the basics and what extra lines of code a developer will need to add to get it all working correctly.

My java is virtually non existent and writing BSSVs is a tedious task for me, but I get there in the end.
So I've been writing this doc over the years to guide myself through the process so I don't forget :)

I'd like to share it with you with the aim of making it better for people.
I've tried to name some of the objects as you would expect and be familiar with in C++ (Value object class = DSTR etc)

Please have a read and if anyone smarter and with more java/BSSV knowledge than myself wants to chip in with what to add/change. Form a queue and feel free to chip in :)
I'd like to think it's a pretty good start, but the pics pasted in are a mixture of an older BSSV and 2 more recent ones. So the doc may appear difficult to follow.
Please let me know.




  • How to create an exposed NER via BSSV.pdf
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Great job John!
Working through it, will send through any recommendations I come up with.
Cheers guys

It may appear awkward to follow as it is a mixture of 2 or 3 different BSSV development screen shots. So the methods and value object names are different throughout. So I may change that to just the one 'unit'
Might be easier to follow then.

The principle will always be the same though.

Now we just need someone to write to call an external service :)
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Hi guys,

I've had some time to re-write my notes and decided to use something we're all familiar with, X0005 Get UDC.

This BSSV exposes SY RT KY LNGP and returns DL01 DL02 plus messages.
There are also some nice lines in there to pop up messages in the lower console window so you can see certain variables.

Enjoy! I hope it helps someone.



  • How to create an exposed NER via BSSV UDC X0005 example.pdf
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Thanks. There seems to be very little in the way of training for BSSV. I can't even really find anything from Oracle so I have been trying to collect all the resources like this that I can find.
This is where I started from.

E1: BSSV: How to create a custom Business Service (Doc ID 753064.1)

E1: BSSV: Getting Started with setting up and running E1 Business Services (Doc ID 967281.1)

Once you get this jist of it, the developer guide starts to make more sense.
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A quick course(any free online) on Java will also give you leading edge in understanding what the code is exactly doing even though you might not have hands-on development on Java. What I experienced was, earlier it will be bit confusing on the Published and Internal service concept once you understand that it will be an easy ride to design new service.

All the best.