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GT03B31 - What does the TXKY on F00165 correspond to in F03B31


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Hello all,

I am trying to convert text attachments on the F03B31 table from one JDE system to another . I am not able to identify which field in F03B31 corresponds to the TXKY in F00165.GT03B31.

GT03B31 data structure indicates a serial no. SERK but I do not find this column name in F03B31.

I am kind of stuck and am not sure what I am missing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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I believe the text key (TXKY) in F00165 is same as Activity id (AVID)in F03B31. You could test it by adding an attachment using P03B31 or by running R03B31 with processing option turned on print attachments.