Grids not displaying data


Has anyone seen this problem,

I added a new field (Cancel date) to a core view V4311M. This column was
added to the grid on P4312 for display. The new column does not display any
information. You can QBE the field and get results that match (as seen
through the back end), but no data is displayed on the grid for this query
or for any kind of query.

Any ideas?


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Delete any overrides for P4312 within F98950.
If this doesn't help then ensure that the new view is generated and checked
in. Then delete the business view locally and re-enter the application. A
JITI should then occur to retrieve the V4311M. This will ensure that the
view's new specs are restored locally. Sometimes changes to BSVW's are a
little temperamental!


Andrew Holder

Would you supplement your issue with some relevant information?
* On which OneWorld release are you (e.g. B7321, B7332, ...XE)
* On wich Form of P4312 had you done that? (Please, apply not only the title of form but the identifier like W4312x. You can reach it on Form Properties sheet in FDA)

Generally, it could be happen when an application don't let the Form to fill gridline fields automatically from the BusinessView. In this case - generally in the Grid Record is Fetched event - you can find a "Suppress Gridline" system function call. If this is the situation then you have to move BC value into GC field with an assigment statement in the ER.

If you will give the required information (see above) and I can reach a OneWorld relase like yours then maybe I could help you more.