E9.1 Grid is not showing up in local Web



We are using E9.1 . I am getting an Issue in LOCAL WEB .

When i am trying to create a new sales order , the grid is not showing up ( Blank in detail Part) in the 2nd screen where i need to enter the Item details in ADD mode.
In 1st form the Sales Inquiry screen the Grid is showing up and i can find an order and see the Order in the grid . but when i am going to 2nd form ADD/ Edit mode the grid is not showing up. its happening in my VDI local web. I tried with other VDIs too and same issue is there. CNC did a full Install again but i have still the same issue .

If anyone have came across with same Issue , Pls. suggest .

Bit old now yes, but if someone else has this.
Delete all your cookies etc.

Also can happen if you have 2 instances and use the same screen in both releases