Grid disappear when display specific column added in Headerless detail form.


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Hi Guys,

We need your help. We are facing very strange issue which I never seen in past. This issue happens both in JDE 9.0 and 9.1.

We have created one Headerless detail form. This form is used for finding records from one custom table and also insert/update new record in the same custom table. Now in the grid we have added one column Credit card detail. This column simply holds string values like VISA, MASTER CARD Etc. When we find all the record from table then first 10 records display on the grid and rest are loaded. Now when we select Go to End button on top left of grid to view the last record from the grid, the grid is getting disappear, this happens due to one column "Credit Card" ,when we customize the grid and remove the "Credit Card" column, grid again display all the records and we can very end record.

We are not sure why the grid is behaving like this on headerless detail form. We have check the value of "Credit Card" column in database we have not observed any suspicous records. Also when we select next button on the top left of the grid we can easily very upto end records without any problem.

Is there any one has faced similiar issue and they can help us. Please let us know how to resolve this problem.