Gotcha's on 9.2 install and existing 8.12/9.1 installs on IBM i


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We are going to be installing 9.2 on our IBM i's that already have 8.12 ( and 9.1 ( instances installed.

I am aware that the only OS that supports all 3 tools releases in V7R1, we will be upgrading from V6R1 to V7R1 concurrently.

Besides the 'normal' Port and IPC range issues I have identified a potential issue with the Group Profile (changed to JDEADMIN) and a new User Group profile (JDEUSER). I have also identified since I have a DEV, TEST, and PROD IBM i, I may need to use 3 different windows boxes to install the platform packs. I ran across this on my 9.1 install and simply copied the E910SYS library and directory to the other machines, I think I did this on my SY910 library also, but don't honestly remember.

Are there any other 'gotchas' that others have experienced?