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Hi all

I've been trying to get this running for our 9.0 environment but I'm not familiar with GA. How many people have are using this for JDE? I'm looking for help figuring out how to track JDE information such as Userid, Application name (eg P4310) and how I can report across multiple web servers.

I noticed when I added user id tracking onto a web instance it breaks the instance. Once I log in nothing opens when I click on anything in my carousel, epages or run anything from Fastpath or menus!

Apart form all that the information we are getting is very good and it will give us great information on user and application usage.

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E9.0, TR, Webpshere 8.5
GA is used to get statistics from public website. It embed javascript into pages. I think it not work for JDE.
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You probably won't find anyone running that on their JDE boxes
Hi guys

Yes that is the blog that put me on to the idea. Also this these guys in our part of the world have an excellent youtube video showing the benefits and features. Well worth watching.

I followed the Rinami blog info to get it up and running but now I am trying to figure out help to report on it well. Even the default views give you some great info and we have found hits on our internal JDE web servers from countries that aren't part of our organisation!

I have very little experience with Google Analytics so I'm just wondering how the informaiton it provides would be useful to a JDE administrator, beyond the security aspect mentioned above.
Don't be too concerned with the source country information. With corporate networks Google doesn't always get the get the IP geocoding correct which is why you will see strange countries in your analytics data.
Check out the video I linked to for more info. I haven't figured out how to get user info yet but the session and page usage information is great. If you have the Oracle Enterprise Manager console plugin for JDE then you may not need this. The demos of that I saw looked impressive, but like most Oracle products it comes at a co$t.

Its good to know about the country info. We have had a couple of hits from a region in Russia show up, but we are still checking it out just in case.