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Did everyone else receive this announcement?

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Over the next few months we will introduce some operational changes that
specifically target the following improvement areas.

*Significantly improved speed of answer via telephone
*Improved front-end problem capture and severity assessment
*More accurate alignment of skills assignment and response
*Enhance response times to a service-level base-line
*Improved issue ownership and management

As we migrate our operations in phases, to be fully ready for the new
maintenance services and improvements you have asked for, you may experience
mixed service responses. We appreciate your patience during this period of

Please continue to give us your valuable feedback through our Event survey
and the customer Knowledge Garden as we move forward.


Global Support Services


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I did not.

Don Bryant, MIS Director,
Amalie Oil Company
1601 McCloskey Blvd.
Tampa Fl, 33605

Don Bryant, MIS Director
Phone 813-248-1988 ext 124
Fax 813-248-1488
Discover how to build no-code data integrations and business process automations.
I haven't seen it either. As usual I found it here

Bert R. Sternal
IT Business Analyst
Wabash National
(765) 772-2779 Voice
(765) 772-2299 Fax

Graham Aberdein
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Please respond to

I didn't recieve this message.

Graham G. Aberdein
running Worldsoftware A7.3 cum 11

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