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A few of our users have informed us that they cannot easily read disabled fields in OneWorld. We have said it is a Windows standard and that all disabled fields in windows have gray font on a lighter gray background. However, they still want us to look into this issue. My question is is there a way to change all the font colors in OneWorld without having to go to each individual disabled field to change the font color from gray to black? Any help would be great!

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Here is a reply from the JDE List Archives that I have squirreled away. Sorry - I don't have the original author's name:

In regedit, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors and
find the Gray Text. The current setting is 128 128 128. Change this to
another colour (I usually use blue which is 0 0 255 - look at the colour settings in paint). Restart your machine and the grayed out text will change. Be aware though that it will also change the colour setting for any grayed out text not just the grayed out text in OW.

Be aware though that under NT and higher operating systems this registry change is USER SPECIFIC. You must make the registry change logged on as the user who expects to see the change.


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Thank you so much!!! This fix works perfectly. It saves tons of time for us to not have to change each individual field! Thanks again!

OneWorld Xe on SUN Machine running Oracle 8i