GL Zfile Upload with VAT


JDE List,

Tried performing a zfile upload of journals
with VAT, however have found that there are no fields
in the F0911Z1 where I can populate tax information so
that the tax files (F0018) are populated. As a result
when the upload is performed no tax files are updated.

Does anybody have a workround for this?

Thanks in advance,



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I'm not a financials expert, but if tax is involved, then perhaps the
original transaction is an A/P or A/R transaction? If so, use the Z process
for A/R or A/P and the tax and G/L info should be populated automatically by
posting the voucher or receivable.

Andy Klee

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I think that you should upload file F0911Z1 and F0411Z1 if the documents are AP(Accounts Payable) or upload file F0911Z1 and F03b11Z1 if the documents are AR(Accounts Recievable). This update the Tax File.

I hope thas this help you.

Richard Poblete Muñoz
Consultor J.D. Edwards
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