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I have question for you all.

How can I access the processing option values from with in a business
function if the particular processing option value is not passed into the data structure?.

In which table the values of the versions are stored?.


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Hi Alex,
The Processing Option Text is held in the F98306, but the actual values for the version are in a blob attached to the F983051. I'm not sure how you would get the data out of the blob into the business view.
Sorry I can't be more help than that.

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David Robertson

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I think the actual table is F983051 if you are after the actual values of the PO, in a field called VRFRMTSTR. The field is type VARCHAR2 so good luck doing fetchs here.

Generally speaking, if you want to retrieve the Processing Options from other places, then you write a business function to retrieve them for the specific APPL or UBE. There are many such BSFN's within JDE if you want to look at them and see how they do it. This allows you to paste in your Processing Option data structure and format the data.
B4301710 - Get P4310 Processing Options
B3700350 - Get R37900 Processing Options



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