Getting exception while writing errors to work centre through BSSV


I have requirement of writing error messages to work centre through NER. But the problem is, when i am calling that NER through my custom report, it works fine. But when I called same NER through BSSV, it gives me an error.(something like IllegalArgumentException). I don't understand why it is giving such error.
can someone help me out.
Hi sagarp22,

can you post the code that calls the BSFN?

at least the actuel call part.. something that should look like

BSFNParameters bsfnParams = new BSFNParameters();
bsfnParams.setValue("szString1", someVariable);
bsfnParams.setValue("szString2", someOtherVariable);
context.getBSFNService().execute(context, connection, "BSFNName", bsfnParams);