GetDistributionNextJobNumber - Failed


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I am getting the following message in Purchase Order Receipts -P4312.

"Business function load failed - BAD LIBRARY - GetDistributionNextJobNumber"

I started receiving this error on FAT Clients with a new full package. BUT
I can't pin point which ESU has caused it. JDE says that I need to install
the PreReq ESU's but I need time to test them before installing and would
like to get rid of this error. Existing FAT Clients that do not have the
new Full Package installed work fine.

Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Lori Waybright
Inland Empire Paper Co.

B733.2 - SP 10.1 - SQL 7.0 - NT 4.0 - Optio



Don't know what ESU caused it, but it seems as if you are missing the =
file. Check your Business Data if this exists, if not generate it and =
problem should be solved.

Andr=E9 Koch

Johnson & Johnson International

Xe - SP 14 - AS/400 - NT4 - Coex with A73 cum 11


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I had created that file in the past and it did not seem to help. Since you
pointed to that file, I copied it from CRP and then re-indexed it. That
seems to have gotten rid of the error.

Thanks for the suggestion.



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Hi Lori,

Did you try rebuilding a full package? When I get this message, it is usually because their was an object that was not compiled properly.

Try it, thanks.

Adrian Valentim

Valmatrix Consulting Inc.
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