Get The Complete .PDF filename


Dear List,

Does anyone know, how to get the Complete filename in a UBE that is in
progress? In order to send this file via e-mail.

Thanks in advance,

OW B7331 sp12.1, NT 4 sp5
SQL 7 sp1, ExServer 5.5
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I believe that half of the path can be hard coded. Server
name\jdedwards\b733\printqueue (or wahtever that is. Just find the directory
on the server with all the pdf's. Then the get the name of the ube,
version, job number from the "job Detail" field (FNDFUF2) in the F986111
(work submitted jobs). Concatenate the first two pieces then concatenate
".pdf" to the end of that and voila.

I am not sure how you want it to work but making a row exit of the P98110B
(work submitted jobs) might be the easiest (if you want it to be manual)

Starting with Xe, there is an API that runs over the UBE engine which makes
values such as the .pdf name available. The API is called the Output
Management API or Output Stream Access (OSA). Look at the P986168
application (GH9013 - Printers Menu) and documentation on the knowledge
garden. I know you're not on Xe and may not be able to use this
information, but I thought someone might.

OW Xe SP 14, NT sp5
I've found this call in I don't remember which program some time
ago. I didn't tried it yet, but maybe it could work.

This is the call (as it was in the source):

(unsigned char *)szLocalFileName,

Parameters should be: user (as obvious). hostname (for local jobs try LOCAL, or something like this), job number, the returning PDF name (and hopefully path) and an error code.

As already said I didn't test it, so I can't say if it works or not.
It's just an idea. I'm on B733.1 with NT Enterprise and SQL Server.