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After executing JDB_SelectKeyed, is there an API to get the count of records returned?

[update 1]
just found JDB_SelectKeyedGetCount, we'll see if that works

[update 2]
JDB_SelectKeyedGetCount is not working.

Some background, I've opened the table, did some some Aggregate and these effect JDB_SelectKeyedGetCount?

[update 3]
I'm looking for a count of the groupby query
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JDB_SelectKeyedGetCount is not an aggregation API, just use it with a key or select struct to get the count.

To get a count with aggregation set the nFunction to JDB_AGGRGFUNC_COUNT in the aggregation DS.

wouldn't JDB_AGGRGFUNC_COUNT give me a count of each of the records in the subset? I'm looking for a count of the group of records...

so given!9/2444a/17

i'm looking for 4 and not say, 2 for the count of order 124114

hope this makes sense.
I think you need a second query

select count(distinct detail.order) from detail where detail.shipment = "10429";
Yeah, that's what i'm messing with now. Can't count over multiple columns (sales order head key)

thanks for all the help