Get operation when copying an object in OMW


Hi folks,

I'm doing the following:

1. Create a new OMW project
2. Add P4314 to the project. I'm not checking it in.
3. Restore a customer's P4314 from a .par file. So our server P4314 now differs from my current local P4314
4. Copy P4314 to P564314. So my P564314 is now a copy of the customer's P4314, not our server P4314.

This works fine, but behind the scenes JDE does a get operation on p4314 for some reason. OMW logs show the get operation BEFORE the copy, but in reality the copy is fine (it's a copy of the customer's object), but the local P4314 is overwritten with the server P4314 specs, so it's now our P4314.

Tools release I also tested with tools release, and the copy works as expected - the object gets copied fine, there's no GET operation in the logs, and the local P4314 is not overwritten.

Has anyone experienced the same JDE behaviour? Any tips how this can be fixed? The GET is utterly unnecessary.

Thanks in advance!