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Get next Unique ID for Mfg - failing


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I have this ube which inserts a record in F3111 and of course its not by business function, just by plain Insert statement.
So i am trying to get unique id to insert record as F3111.UKID is the primary key by using function B3100490 GetnextUnqueIdforMFG.
the function failed to return ukid, on futher debugging, the debug log says, update to F00022 failed. Not sure why update to F00022 would fail, as the parameters to be passed are object name = F3111 and variable UKID.
This is done in jde 9.2 version which we updated 10 months ago.

However i have another ube which uses the same function and works wonderfully. no issues at all, only glitch, it was developed in 9.1.

i am not able to understand the issue. any insight will be really helpful.


JDE 9.2
Window Platform
SQL database