Get Debug Log for ROBOT submitted jobs


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We use ROBOT from help/systems as our job scheduler. We need to get a debug log for a job that is submitted multiple times a day. We need to capture debug log information to debug a "randomly" occurring issue that we can't reproduce in our test environments.

We have people who are sure we were able to do this in the past, but with some turnover none of the people who worked with Robot the last time we think we did this are still here. The new "robot guy" has logged a ticket with help/systems and they insist that it isn't possible to enable debug logging from Robot. Our CNC has tried turning on debug logging for the UBE, but we don't get debug logs and the feeling is that something Robot does when it submits the job is turning logging off on submission. I'm kind of caught in the middle.

Our Robot submission uses Robot's RBJRUNUBE command, which utilizes the JDE RUNUBEXML command to submit the UBE. Robot is supposed to save the XML command it creates when submitting the UBE, but our iSeries Admin hasn't been able to figure out how to find that output for a specific UBE submission so that we could look and see what the XML looks like.

Are there any other ROBOT users out there who can confirm it isn't possible to turn on debug logging when submitting jobs from Robot? Has anybody come up with an creative solutions for getting the debug log on a Robot job?