Get/Advanced Get same object different Projects

ashwin E1

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Hi Guys,
I have been JDE developer for 10 years but haven't seen anything this strange, Have any of you come across this scenario? on JDE 9.2
I did a get of the same object(BXXXXXXX) from 2 different projects(one with Token and one without), no errors on both these gets, same user name, same rights, same role and then I do a build and open the .C file and I see both of them have different codes(one before making changes and one after making changes). How is this possible, can there be any CNC setting for this to be possible.

ashwin E1

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No they are at different statuses, one project at 26 and another at 21, but the user is added as PVC administrator with rights to do a get at 26 status.


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I actually saw once when a dev put the wrong release on their OMW project versus E920, leading to two different objects in P98780R/H. Every time the other guy went to do an advanced get, the specs were different.


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So unless you are doing an Advanced Get where you are specifying from which pathcode to get the specs, a simple GET will follow the transfer activity rules defined, and a GET in a project at status 21 would bring specs from DV and a GET in the project at status 26 would bring the specs from PY, assuming the standard transfer activity rules are in a place.

Look at the OMW logging on the GET operation in each project and you can see if it is getting it from different places which would explain why you see code differences