E8.12 Generate XML, QR Code, and call .exe in JDE TR 8.96.40



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What is the capability of JDE Tools Release 8.96.40 regarding the below.

1. Generate XML file ( for example, one invoice has to be sent to customer in XML format)
2. Generate QR code in PDF out put file ( 8.96.40 has no components of BI Publisher)
3. Send and receive external emails ( not workflow emails)
4. If the above is not possible, can I write .exe in C#.NET and can the UBE call the .exe file ( in-order to generate XML file and QR code).
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1. From BIP you must have a template as a xslt to transform the JDE xml source to the XML target file you need.
2. From BIP looks it is possible, I have read other comments and how to do it, but I haven't tried, there is also a link from google to do it. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/...erator/gcmhlmapohffdglflokbgknlknnmogbb?hl=en
3. Send emails that is ok, you can setup from BIP, once you have in the source file you can map the email to send the messages and the files. Receive emails?! Maybe you need to rethink about this. Do you need to receive a file and do something with the files as an inbound process, maybe you can have a ftp by filezilla or winscp?
4. I believe all above are possible. I've been working with xmls, emails, pdfs with bar codes, etc ....
Good luck!
Hello cribeiro,

Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

I guess, by the word BIP, you meant BI Publisher.
If I'm correct, the tools release 8.96.40 does not contain BI Publisher components.
Can we please cross check your tools release version.