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Hi All,

I have a requirement to generate Positive Pay text file and send to the bank. The standard method is executing R04586 and use P007101 text processor to process the records.

Client want the PP file to be sent directly to bank.

1.Copied R04586 to R5504586 and removed header(record type 1) and footer(record type 3) records. Considering only detail(record type 2).
2.Took business view on F007111 and data selection on batch number.
3. Used Export to Flat File BSFN B0500025 to create file in the path mentioned in processing option. This is working fine in windows.
4. Problem is I need to generate the file in enterprise server which is on Linux system.
5. Considered the below path concatenated with dymanic datetime stamp ex: /u02/positivepay/BOA_05042015122417.txt

The path would be like this ex: /u02/postivepay.

I am not able to generate the file in the above path.
Are there any other work around to make this work.

Does (the user id running) JDE have permissions to create that directory?

When I have done similar things, the directory structure already exists and the JDE system only creates/changes/deletes files.

The directory "positivepay" already exists. I am only creating the file and placing in that location.

Ok I need to check does user(jde user running the job) has permissions to create file in that location.

What BSFN have you used to create the file. Can you give snippet of the code.

The user to which I was referring is the Linux user that was used to start the JDE services on the enterprise server.

I posted a list of BSFNs that I/O to test files a few years ago that is still valid. I think I've posted some Event Rules that use some of them too. I'll try and find them and post the links.
Are you placing the extra / in there after /u02/postivepay ?
Is the Linux server with /u02 the server that is running the job?
Or is it running on the windows server and you want it to write to the Linux server?
Thanks Guys,

David - I am considering the extra / for constructing the file path. The file is getting generated after the object built, deployed and submitted on server.

Now the issue is with data in the file(some junk chars) it looks as attached when opened with editor.


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Hello All,

Any update on the data format issue. how to remove the ^@ chars seen from linux VI editor. I do not see those chars when opened from WinScp. Attached the screen shot.


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Hello All,

The issue is resolved. Thanks for all the help.

Since it is flat file. I found there is not set up in work with flat file encoding application. After adding the encoding record issue got resolved. Here is screenshot of flat file encoding setup.


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