Generate milliseconds since 1970 (Epoch)


I need to create a column in a JDE table which is a numeric value denoting the number of milliseconds since 1970 when a row is inserted and there doesn't seem to be an existing business function that will generate that based on the current date and time. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Try this:

1. Use B9800009/GetCurrentUTCTimeWithSeconds to get the current time.
2. Use B90CG010/ConvertUserDateandTimetoUTC to convert 1/1/1970 to UTC.
3. Use B95900/GetSecondsBetweenUTimes to get the difference between 1/1/1970 and the current time. Multiply into 1000 to get milliseconds.
I need to know if there is a bsfn where I can get the milliseconds when inserting in a custom table

From already thank you very much