Generate HTML letter - Printable view/Print preview does not work/Doc not printing


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I have a client who is trying to print an employee letter from the Mail Merge application. When they click on the Generate Letter option they can see the letter with no issues, when they click on the Printable View option all is still ok. The problem arises when they then select File/Print Preview, the letter used to load ok but now they have to select View Full Width in order for the letter to show. When they finally click on the print option the letter does not print out. They were using IE7 and all was well, they have recently upgraded to IE9 and this where the problem lies.

Has anyone seen this and have an indication as to what's required to fix? I got them to open IE9 (no JDE involved) and enter a nominal web site into the URL, then click print preview to see if they could see it and they could and it printed? I still think there is an issue with IE9 somehow. Found this link on Microsoft's site:

Any suggestions would be helpful.

I don't know if this will fix the problem, but try having them add the website/URL for your web server into the Compatibility View list of URL's in IE9. Then have them log out and back in to see if that gets you better results.
Hi Don,

thanks for the information, I forgot about compatibility view option, I had them try to use the F12 Emulator with no luck. I've got a meeting with them later on today, they say its JDE that's at fault but I know if IE9 that's causing the issue,

thanks again..
Hi Don,

I tried a few things with the client including compatibility view and the letter still will not print. They are using E1 9.0 and windows7. When I got them to show me on IE8 and Windows7 they could print the letter with no issues (when they go from JDE to print preview they see the letter straight away and prints with no issue). I could not change any settings in IE as they have it locked down. We also tried to run IE9 as administrator with no luck. I got them to perform a simple test - open IE9 and get up a web page and then do print preview and then print - it prints no problem suggesting all is well. Could there be some ActiveX control or registry setting that's not allowing them to print in IE9 but does in IE8, nothing changes in JDE as its the same process they go through in JDE regardless of whether its IE8 or IE9?

thanks for any help you can provide - I'm off line for a few days so will get your (or anyone else's suggestions) when I get back,

When I change the compatibility view setting, I have to add the domain(s) to the list, exit out of IE and then restart IE. Make sure you're getting all domains, which you can see when you successfully generate things in IE8. Beyond that, you may have to open a case with Oracle support. Good luck.

Just curious are there any toolbars installed on the IE browser? If so, remove those and try it again. good luck