General Implementation Approach For Upgrade Scenario



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Lets say you have 4 working ERP 8.0 installations.

You want to make a conceptual implementation model for one consolidated jde 9.x installation.

How would you go about it in terms of analysis and design priorities?

Would you go with onion approach? Would you discuss foundation matters ( master files e.t.c) and then go about subsystems leaving G/L at the end?

Or you would follow another approach and start with each subsystem all way through its G/L core?

In our scenario the team will be a compact internal one with a lot of jde and internal process experience . The team will be able to reach all necessary employees at any level when needed. But it will not be a full out scale implementation by big teams of key users and end users. This doesn't mean that end user will have nothing to say for their system. On the contrary...

Any ideas?