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My company has used World A73 for 3 years and is in the process of implementing OneWorld Xe at one of our division. As such, we are in a coexistent environment.
During the course of the OW implementation, I have been reviewing the General Accounting AAIs. When we implemented World A73, we never setup any AAIs for Account Summarization (Sequence 1.3xx), probably out of ignorance.
Can someome tell me what these AAIs do? Typically, what types of accounts would be identified in this AAI? What are others using these AAIs to do?
I have checked the Knowledge Garden & JDE documentation & cannot find out what these AAIs do.
Any help would be appreciated.

Brian Getty, CGA
Kinross Gold-Timmins Operation
WorldSoftware A7.3 Cum 11/Coexistence X3 V4R5

Terry B

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Hi Brian

The summarisation AAI's are used as part of the F0911 purge process.
There are three AAI's to look out for GLSM, GLPR and GLRC. These AAI's control the account ranges that are to be summarised or bypassed.
You don't need to set up GLSM or GLPR unless you're doing a purge.

The summarisation process is used prior to a purge to ensure the F0911 file stills supports the F0902.

You will find information for World in the standard JDE PDF documentation under General Accounting II - Advanced/Technical - Create Balance Forward Records, or in OW XE documentation under General Accounting - Creating Summarized Records.

I hope this helps.


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