Hola... estoy tratando de encontrar informacion acerca de como preparar un servidor de COM .... tengo uno ya preparado corriendo bien pero me lo dieron ya casi listo y necesito hacer lo mismo en otra computadora.... los benditos genCom los corro pero en realidad no se que esta pasando... cuando corro el programa me dice..: No ini file entry found for Host/Port. Check your jdeinterop.ini file... encontré varios jdeinterop.ini files pero no tengo ni idea de que poner alli.. si alguien sabe de un website con mas informacion acerca de interoperability.. por favor déjeme saber...
Lucas Hernandez
I know there are a lot of people on this planet who speaks spanish but I think you get more respons on this forum when the question is in English.


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Sorry for this.. I placed the question under the spanish flag thinking that it would be placed for spanish readers only
Well here is the question in english...

I'm trying to run some JDE business functions from a VB application.. The program runs fine in it original machine (NT).. After running the genCom command in the new machine and not receiving any error message I run the VB code and I'm able to see the OW COM icon turned on … but when it tries to run the following line:
Set InvTnfrObject = jdeConnector.CreateBusinessObject("INVTNFR.JDEINVTNFR", lngAccessNumber)
I'm getting this error message: "The object is incompatible with the logon environment"..
I've been reading about the interop.ini and the jde.ini and everything looks fine to me … this files have the same script as the old machine does.. any suggestion will be appreciated ..

It sounds like you created the COM objects in one environment and are
trying to use them in another. You will need to run "Checkver" on the
target machine to see if they are compatible with that environment. If
it is, it will create registry entries that will allow your COM objects
to work.

Mark Collins

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