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GBRSPEC build on server is incomplete

Hello list,

We are facing a problem were PKG build runs ok under Deployment Server but
when it runs under the Enterprise Server seems to break up the GBRSPEC when
it reachs a number of processed records (paktotam status log).
I'm almost sure this is because of Update 3....

Any ideas?

Thank you all.


Ray Justus

Reputable Poster
We frequently have this problem and we have not installed Update 3. After many weeks of experimenting we think the problem is from a combination of things.

1. Timeouts. Per a suggestion from J. D. Edwards, we have increase our setting to 250 seconds. See below.


2. Anti-virus Software. We disable real time protection during builds.
3. Nightly backups.
4. SQL backups.
5. Mystery disconnects.
6. Goblins. We will not be doing any full package builds tonight!

Most of our successful builds occur on Saturday and Sunday when none of the backups (except maybe item 6) are happening. We would sure like to have a permanent solution.

Happy Halloween!

Ray W. Justus
Kitchell Corporation
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