FYI: Promoting UDC Codes in OMW of XE


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Hi List/Forum,

I have just found an interesting document on the KG about "Object Management Workbench and User Defined Code Tables".
Maybe it is known issue for many of you but could be unknown for some of you and so could be useful to know about it.

The substance is: when you promote UDC codes with a project in OMW then OMW will manage not only the added/modified/deleted UDC Codes but will copy the entire UDC Table (Type).

Please check out the ott-01-0049 documentation from the KG or see the attachment here (on the Forum only) for details.

I haven't made experiments with this issue yet, so I can not add any other solution for this issue other than the "work arround" in the mentioned documentation.

Could there be a similar issue for MENU promotion too (and/or other Control Table stored "objects")?


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Christian Audet

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Thank Zoltan,

I took the Document.
I was not aware of it !

Christian Audet

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Thanks Zoltán!
The weird thing is the enhancement SAR is currently in an 05 Status Reconsider in Future.
How far in the FUTURE is that future reconsideration going to be dealt with?
Or, is this futuristic ... way of thinking a direct result of the extra jobs being cut?
Whatever answers the previous questions would get, the suggested work around is not satisfying, at all!

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I don't know if we should change the subject or not, but here is my 10 cents
worth on "Reconsider in Future".

I have called in about 5 SARs which were genuine bugs(out of a whole lot
more) where the Response Line representative re-created the problems. These
SARs were originally classified a 'bugs' and not enhancements, and were
definitely trouble for the client. EVERY one of those SARs were eventually
downgraded - first to enhancement SARs and then to "Reconsider in Future"
and then closed. The only ways to fix the problem was to find our own work
around or eventually upgrade to the latest version. I would like to point
out that in most cases, the bugs were found while the version WAS the

Because of this, I rarely open SAR calls with JDE anymore. I will go to you
'guys' and to the KG for answers.

Ben again