FYI: Event Rules Logic in Application

Christian Audet

Christian Audet

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Be careful after SP16.1

Here is the text from document "ott-99-0043" on the knowledge garden.

This document explain the event rules process flow.

= Begin text =============================================
Control is Exited

1. If the focus is going to another window, stop processing (focus will return to this control when this window again receives focus)

2. Copy the text from the screen to the internal storage (conversion from string to the appropriate type happens during this step)

3. If this control is marked as a Required Entry Field and does not contain a value, then set the field in error.

4. Perform event rules: Control is Exited

5. If this is the first time this control has been exited, or if this control has changed in value since the last time the control was exited, then:
Begin Control Exited and Changed (Inline)
= End text =============================================

I have tested this in B733.2 SP11.1 and this document is right except that "step 4" in perform before "step 3". But it's still not a problem to me.

When we installed SP16.1 I got trouble in a application (P08102) there was not any customization in this application and the application was working great before SP16.1

With a lot of testing I finally find out why. With this Service Pack, "step 3" is perform first and if "step 3" is TRUE then "step 4" (control is exited) WILL NEVER BE EXECUTED. (Strange and Dangerous !!!)

So, this was to tell you to be carefull about this.

If you have comment or have tested it and got different result then I will appreciate your feedback.

Christian Audet

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