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There was recently a thread with subject "Color for Environments" on the other XE Forum where the originator wanted to set different colors for environment, making easy to know where we are.
I have made two replies to it. Maybe that replies can contain some new informations for some of us here, on the Developers site, so I copy that replies here for you without further comment.
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Hi Frank,

Once upon a time I have had something similar issue (not exactly the same). I have got a great idea from David Robertson to change some icons in the b7/pathcode/res subfolder. I copy David's reply for you, here to the end of my reply. Hopefully could be a little help for you too.
P.S.: You can check that thread also in the archives of the Forum for some other discussions/replies.
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2/14/01 01:52 AM
Re: How to attach logic to Sign-On? [Üzenet#: 5575 / re: 5543 ]

Hi again Zoltán,
I'm not sure this helps, but what we do is modify the bitmap in B7332
which is by default a little globe. Keeping it the same size, we've redrawn it on a highlighted colour as appropriate ,with the letters CRP or PRD. This displays on the bottom of all the windows, except the main menu window.

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Hi Frank and List/Forum,

I have recently found that you can specify the bit map file to appear on the bottom of the forms in the jde.ini file of the workstations:


also could be useful to comment out the


entry in the same section for performance reason.

You can also change or comment out the:


entry in the same section. This marble bitmap appears tiled while a started APPL appears totaly. If you remove this, then the background will be gray. Just an idea: You can replace this with red for PROD, yellow for CRP/PY, green for DEV and snow white for Pristine.

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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Well, I wanted to change the colours for for each environment.
So I wrote a WinAPI Program that acts as a OneWorld Launcher and
the colours of the list/tree/statusbar could be changed and saved at will. The title bar also states the current Environment your in.
The only problem is, some of there people in the office like to use pink as their colour!



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