FYI: Changing the Sequence on the Grid


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Hi List/Forum,

There were more post about the User Overrides in the past few weeks on the both XE List/Forum and it recorded me to a possible trap. Let's see.

If the User changes the Sequencing on the Grid of a Form then in some cases it can cause faulty operation.
Do you ask why or when?
There is Accumulation/Grouping logic coded behind many Forms. They are strictly based on a hard coded sequencing. If the user change the sequencing on such a type Form then it will results bad displayed data in better case, could cause "blow up" in worse case.

Remember it when users complain about bad data on a Form which has a Grid! We met with this problem already.

Unfortunately, you can not disable the Sequencing selection directly only indirectly, disabling the QBE on the Grid, but users generally do not like when they haven't QBE line. Please, do not ask me why are binded together the QBE disable/enable with the Sequencing disable/enable. I really do not know.


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
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