Fwd: B733.2: UK VAT reports and Intracommunity VAT


surianochristian wrote on 11/20/00 4:11:23 AM


I'm actually trying to retrieve VAT report from the F0018 through report R00320.

This works more or less fine except when it comes to purchases from EC member states.
On the VAT return form we need to show the VAT on EC purchases. In reality that VAT is = 0 but to be able to complete a VAT return form we did the following set up:

Tax code = V, tax rate area = ECA where we have a + 17.5 tax and a - 17.5 tax on next line. The two tax rates have been given two different GLOffsets so the input and output VAT gets written to 2 different accounts. When posting vouchers with such a VAT rate the F0018 gets updated with the correct taxable.
PROBLEM: the tax amount = 0 so we do not manage to pull out the tax amount from the VAT file.

I phoned JDE which seems to have an EMEA ASU for countries like Italy, Spain, .. which then works if you use the Italian VAT reports. The ASU has no impact in R00320 the UK vat report.

Does anyone out there know how to get the intracommunity VAT out for UK base companies???

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