FW: MRP Multiplant with forecast consumption


Hi Everybody,
We have a little problem with the P3483. We have 2 Branch Plants P1 and
P2, P1 which manufactures and stores/distributes stock and P2 just
stores/distributes stock. Forecasts are processed for P1 and Sales Orders
are entered into P2. When we run P3483 with PO set to a simple
consolidation for P1 and everything is set up to consume the whole
forecast with incoming Sales Orders.
What we should get is all the P2 Sales Orders consume all the P1 Forecasts
but what we get is the P2 Sales Orders are processed only if there is at
least one Sales Order on P1 for that particular item.
We are B733 SP11.3 with all 3 prerequisites and using H/W= HP Oracle.
All help gratefully received.
Robert Fletcher