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FW: Can't Post Voided Vouchers


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RE: Can\'t Post Voided Vouchers

Look on the PE recors in the F0411. This record is created but doesn't have
the status 'D' when you void the payment. Update this status to post the
voided vouchers whithout errors. It's was a bug in B7332 version. Check if
it is the same in your XE version because i can't test it.

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Re: FW: Can\'t Post Voided Vouchers

Toni and Everybody on the Lists/Forums,

Please, DO NOT SEND mails neither to "jdeowdevml@jdelist.com" nor to any JDEList address which ends with the "ml" characters.
Send your post only to "jdeowdev@jdelist.com" it is totally enough, believe me, everybody will receive it who are using the mailing list and/or will see it who are watching the Forum.

Sending mails to the "ml" type address will not appear on the Forum, so:
1.)The members who are watching only the Forum and do not use the mailing list (switched of in their user profile) will not read the issue, so will not be able to help.

2.) E-mail replies to these "ml" posts will appear as orphans on the Forum and each will start a new thread, which will make the Forum confused.

Please, respect the Forum Listers too. We are in the same boat and it is our common interest of all of us. THANKS!

At last, excuse me this off-topic (to the original issue) reply.

Long Live the List!
(... as Adrian have written it recently :)


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