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Hi All,

This is a great board because it has a lot of very large JDE customers on it. I was away for a couple of weeks on vacation and my collegue went to a ECRUG conference and she's indicating to me that the Oracle reps there suggested that "Fusion" would be an add on product and not replace Enterpriseone at all. She said that they though the product would continue to be extended beyond 9.1 and that they had added 300 new customers last year.

All very interesting except for the fact I'm writing a strategy document for my employer that indicates that Extended support ends in March of 2020 for 9.1 and we would need to move off it. We have a dependency on a third party payroll piece.

Has anyone else heard anything about this? I recently looked up the fusion web site and while it wasn't that thorough, I was under the impression that the overall plan of replacing Oracle's ERP's with one "Fusion" was still in place.



In my opinion, as long as there are enough customers paying maintenance, I don't think that Oracle will end-of-life either JDE or EBS. Fusion is still a very immature product, as we found out in a botched attempted rollout of the Fusion CRM product (we eventually abandoned this and went with Microsoft Dynamics CRM).

Get involved with the various Quest user groups (SIGs, RUGs, etc.), and I think you'll find a very vocal customer base that is very interested in continuing AND enhancing the JDE products well into the future. And just because extended support ends doesn't mean that the software will stop working; also, by then, Oracle will likely come out with new versions, and it is smart to keep up-to-date on versions (at least as much as your organization can bear).

My plan is to stick with JDE and avoid any more "con"Fusion, until I have good reason to do otherwise.
Perhaps in 10+ years there will be a complete "Fusion" product. For now though there are only a few "modules" such as Fusion CRM which may/may not be ready for prime time. Oracle backed off of presenting Fusion as a complete replacement product years ago. EnterpriseOne is Oracle's best selling ERP product in multiple markets today - they're not going to kill the goose laying the golden eggs.
Tools and Applications 9.2 are in the works and will have support lives well beyond the end of support of 9.1. Listening to the executive leadership of the JDE group at Oracle talk, you would think that JDE is ultimately going to replace Fusion.... :)
I appreciate the feedback.

I'm not certain how I can explain this in a strategy document, mind you, when the company officially goes one way but privately goes another.
I suppose I should have expected it. Even when I worked for JDE (1999-2002) JDE swore "World was on its way out". 2014 - not so much.