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Hello, I am trying to add a "free good" to an order if the sales order contains one or more items in a group. This should be at the order level so that the free good is only added once to the sales order.

For example: items A, B, and C are in a group. If the order contains one or all of the items in the group I want to send a single item Z at $0.00.

I've tried using free goods and set-up item Z as the free good for items A, B, and C. This is not what I want because item Z gets added multiple times to the sales order for each item A, B, and C that is ordered.

I have also tried using Order Reprice Group:
  • Created a Customer Pricing Schedule
  • Created an Order Reprice Group UDC code in 40/PI
  • Created an Adjustment Definition
    • Adjustment Name
    • Preference Type - I (Item/Free Goods)
    • Adjustment Control Code - 3 (Add to Sales Detail File)
    • Adjustment Level - 3 (Order)
    • Adjustment Line Type - N (Non-Stock because this is required to be N)
    • Override Price - N
    • Level Break Type - 1 (Quantity)
    • Manual Add/Change - N
    • Mandatory Adjustment - N
  • Created Preference Hierarchy
    • Item Group - 1
  • Created Price Adjustment Detail

  • Using the Order Reprice Group UDC code created above
  • Added the Free Goods Item

  • Added Order Reprice Group UDC code to Item Master and Item Branch/Plant records for the group of items A, B, and C
  • Ensured that P4211, option 55 (P42750) has a valid dream writer version

Nothing happens when I try adding any of the grouped items to the sales order. What am I missing? Or is there a better way to go about this?

Edit: I am using World A9.3
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Not sure what environment you are working with (although the reference to Dreamwriter suggests that it might be World - Note: World did not do free goods at Order level from my fading memory) Anyhoo, try creating a Basket Group called "ALL" and attach to all your saleable Item Branch records (e.g. leave items like Freight, Surcharges, etc.. out of this group) and then set up a basket level Free good adjustment. Again, depending on your version, Enhanced Basket Groups gives you even more flexibility in this area.
Hope this helps.
works but needs tweaked

Hello again. I am running World A9.3. I have the free good working at the order level and there's just one problem now. A new line item is created where the part number is the description of the adjustment name, and the part number description is the description of the adjustment line type. The free good item was also added as a new line item so I'm pleased with this. I just need to get rid of the new line item for the order level adjustment.

See the attachment. Line item 2 is what I don't need.
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Maybe ask this question in the World section of the forum.
This is the One World section.
I am having this same issue with the extra line, did you receive any feedback or determine what was causing this? Please let me know if you have found a resolution.