four digit year in RDA


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I am creating UBE where one of the date field has a value of 1/1/40. The UBE also exports to csv. When I export to csv, I noticed that the 1/1/40 changes to 1/1/1940.

I did some research on this on Oracle Support. It is due to Microsoft 2029 rule. Oracle is recommendating the user profile be change to four digit year. We want to avoid changing the user profile because that is a global change which will affect all grids and reports.

I need to change this particular UBE to display a four digit year. I created a custom data dictionary date with size of 8 xx/xx/xxxx. However when I go into RDA, I see xx/xx/xx. What do I need to do to be able to see xx/xx/xxxx in RDA without changing user profile?


You'll probably need to use a 10 character text item and convert the date to the 4 digit format direct from the JDE Julian date. I have done numerous times in custom UBEs.