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Forum Confusion?


Is it just me or does it seem like lots of folks are posting stuff to the OneWorld/World Application Discussion forum that don't seem appropriate there? Lots of technical questions get posed there and I almost NEVER see anything regarding World (no surprise) discussions. I'm tempted just to unsubscribe to it altogether to avoid the emails. Just FYI.


I wonder what % of the posts directed to the wrong forum came from email rather than the web? If you're looking at the web page I think the categories are quite clear. Since I don't use the email list-server I don't know what strategies would work to make the differences clearer.

Christian Audet

Staff member
Larry I agree with you 100% the forum title are clear for user that read it !

One think Larry that was hard for us as moderator is that it was impossible to move a post and ALL reply to follow with it. Now Eric did a change that allow us to move a post that is in the wrong Forum and the replys will follow with it. Now it should be easier for us to do the clean up.

Now to avoid the clean-up, I'm not sure if resending again the forum explanation is a good idea since some users seems to delete that kind of eMail.



I would suggest moving the App forum under the Tech forums. My guess is that people who are new to the forums are just posting to the first one they see.
Just to add a different perspective, I think there are entirely too many application discussions in the technical forum. Take a look at the 8/4 - 8/6 time period and 20% of those are really application issues: MRP performance, service contract billing, Installed base, cycle counts. I'm an application person with a strong technical background and I used to subscribe and supply answers to the list quite frequently. I would subscribe to the application list and occasionally browse the technical list, but there wasn't much activity on the application forum, all the activity was on the technical forum and there was so much legitimate technical activity, I couldn't wade through it all on a timely basis to offer any help. I think these forums are great, I just think you shouldn't scare people away from posting semi-technical issues on the application list.


I reply to a lot of Posts I see (regardless of where they are) & agree that they do not appear to be in the "correct" place. However, it looks as if the majority are ignoring these guidlines. I know why.

I worked for years at JDEdwards on Apps and I find the Forums counter-intuitive & vague. They appear designed for Techies by Techies. Who bundles World and OneWorld Apps together these days?

To SOLVE this problem for us poor Apps guys/gals: We MUST see everything split down into FOUR unambiguous groups: 1: "World Technical", 2: "World Apps", 3: "OneWorld Technical" and 4: "OneWorld Apps".

AND it really doesn't matter if it is B732 or Xe. The detail in the Post will tell you which release we are talking about. There is no need to have a Forum based upon the Release of the OneWorld Software because it is immediately redundant when ERP 8, 9, 10, etc., come along. You will also find that issues can easily straddle Releases

I, for one, will just follow what everyone else is doing and proceed to post Apps Questions in the Techy Forum. This is for two reasons: firstly, everyone else is doing it (and we are all human), and, secondly, I don't want my OneWorld Apps stuff anywhere near the World Apps stuff.

Give it some thought. Many thanks.